5 Years Overdue

Yes.. I know I should have started this a loooooong time back! But hey, at least I now have 5 years experience under my belt! πŸ˜‰ So, you can expect a lot more in-depth and old grandmother stories from me. I love to talk and share my opinions, and have been doing so on Facebook since forever, cos nobody else wants to hear my crap!!! I have rubbed people off the wrong way, partook in numerous keyboard warrior fights on my page, made so many new friends and lost some assholes as well. This is perfect cos now, I SPEAK and YOU LISTEN. OK I am kidding.

Some of you may know that I got “famous” 5 years back while onΒ The Biggest Loser Asia TV series. Yes, I am still battling with this thing called WEIGHT. Fighting demons every day (ok maybe every week/month/year) since then, and trying soooooo darn bloodie hard to get back to the weight of my Finale weigh-in (99kg- my first double digits in 12 years in 2010). Will talk more about this in my subsequent posts. I also plan to share with you my journey thus far in the 5 years that have lapsed since then.

I am also merging my love for fashion and styling here. I have always loved dressing up even pre-show. It only got better post-show cos I had access to more mass market brands. Time and again, my fans have complimented me on my dress sense, wanting to know where I got my clothes from. Well, this is dedicated to you ladies!!!

And while I will continue to work my ass off in the gym to fit into my Marks & Spencer UK18 jeans of 2011,Β I have finally accepted that my hips cannot shrink to anything beyond a UK16 (UK14 if I became anorexic).

I have to make it clear that I take a very strong stand against obesity. I do not support the bull shit of “body positivity” and all that crap where overtly obese women claim to look good in clothes.. in bodies that are never meant to have expanded to that extent. Health reasons aside (why thin n skinny people die from heart attacks too!!), it is my personal belief that you should lead your best life. I have experienced what a smaller body can do for you, and it is my dream to share this with as many people as possible. You never know what you can achieve until the weight falls off your frame. Don’t take my word. You have to experience it for yourself. I have a lot to talk about this.. and why I stopped any plus-size modelling I once did. I will discuss more in time to come. My plus-size ladies, I hope you don’t hate me. These are my views as a fellow plus-size woman myself.

So, to my babe Ally who asked me to start this blog 2 years ago, I finally did!! Thank you my dear. And to Matthieu who asked me “Have you started your blog?”, YES! I finally got down to it after that text and here it is!

Now, I have to continue my sprints on the treadmill so I can strut down my red carpet. Everyday. Yes, I like to walk my red carpet every day.

In Love and Light,

Maya Korrs

P.S.- Maya Korrs IS my OFFICIAL NAME. LEGALLY. Yes!!! (this calls for another story..)



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