Gym Swap

Gyms. Now I know why so many plus size and fat babes don’t ever wanna put themselves in that environment. I never really understood it til I stepped out of my usual gym.


Ok so I have been with Fitness First for 6 years now.. Damn! Is it really that long!!? Anyway, prior to joining FF, I went hunting for gyms cos I was bloating up at 136kg. So I ended up at California Fitness for an intro tour. I was doing my internship at Raffles that time and knew nothing about fitness. Damn, I had no issues about my size nothing! But thought yeah ok maybe I should do something about my weight…So I went in and sat through a 2hour talk and body weight assessment (straight after work), was freaking starving by then, and had to hear people berate about my weight. I didn’t like the vibes and the people. But it was cheap! $60+ a month for a 2 year contract? Actually I don’t ever recall seeing the gym grounds properly. It was more of a sell-fast deal. They kept pressurising you to sign up for the 2year contract and you’ll get this free, that free etc. Seriously, who cares?

Anyway this bring me to my story. True Fitness. Did you know that the very first date of my life, I went out with a PT from TF!! Yeah but he’s a douchebag! Lol. Ok the serious thing I have to talk about, not man, but woman!!

So I stepped in to TF few days ago.. Accompanied my friend to workout there. I’m a guest. He works there. I was amazed by the number of machines they had there!!! Seriously.. Woahhh!!! Anyway we club hopped and ended up at another branch. Met people.. The friends of my friend are cool. The rest? I don’t know.. Feels weird. Maybe I’m too accustomed with the FF vibes that TF threw me off guard.

So we were working out doing lunges. This guy PT was looking at us.. Probably our form or something but good thing he never said anything to me, but advised my friend not to do lunges cos it’s bad for his knees. Cool! πŸ™‚

Then this lady PT comes up.. And talks to my friend. Ok this is the juicy bit ok..
They talk.. And this friend of mine.. He always likes to boast about me to his friends!! He told her I was from the show. She looks at me and immediately exclaims out loud “OMG What Happened to you then!!?”! And she looks at me like I’m some sort of freak show with her bewildered eyes like why am I not small in size then!!? Nvm.. She asks me what’s my weight! I have nothing to hide so I say I’m 120kg+.. She immediately rattles off.. “Wahhh the biggest I have seen is 104? 105? Then we bring her down to 90+… Wahhh 120!? Never see so big before! The biggest I know is 104..”!!!

And I proceeded to tell her well I was much bigger before.. And she didn’t believe me. And it seems like she’s just baffled that there is a woman as huge as me alive.. Seriously!? Am I really THAT big!? Ok I know I am big. But I have come such a long way! Did you not see how big I was before with so much of belly fat? I still do.. But I would like to think that I had a body recomp!!



I was going crazy mentally, BUT!! My friend is working there and I didn’t wanna be rude in front of him you know. I just kept my mouth shut. N just gave my mayakorrs fake smile πŸ™‚

Of course she berated me for going on the show and then said “over here we don’t do that kind of things.. We make clients workout 3x a week.. bla bla bla”. Ok I know that is what normal people do to lose weight. But I am not normal honey. My body been through so much of high intensity stuff, a roller coaster ride. And I wasn’t asking you for your opinion and workout plan. I was happily doing my workout plan (GVT at that time). The crazy shit I did was YEARS, I mean like YEARS ago! It’s 2016 now. I’m not doing the high intense crazy shit anymore!


So Rule #1 – Being judged. People in the fitness line should never judge their clients or guests. Never. You do not know their training background, their medical history, or their current plans. Do not make assumptions. Do not judge. Never.


And then she left us.. With saying something like I have a long way to go n I better get on it. Seriously!!!? I really hate people talking down on me!!!

She’s 52 and a skinny size 2 kinda body with visible panty line! (I’m a bitch I know πŸ˜‰ ). How dare she judge a guest of the gym with her barely even knowing me!?Β This is the whole reason why so many fat people don’t feel comfortable in the gym environment!!! And they shun the gym. Cos they gonna get it from people when they make the effort to put themselves out there.

And this is bloodie reason why I will always stick with FF! 6 bloodie years and counting! When I think about it? Ha! I don’t think anyone in FF will ever dare say that to me or anyone for that matter. I have gone across practically all the clubs.. Met so many trainers and front desk people.. Everyone! Everyone is always smiling and greeting you happily! And please.. These people don’t even know that I’m on the show previously. They just see me as a fat girl changing her life.. And I always get encouragement and positive vibes. Some even give me practical advice not to run too much just walk instead.. Etc..
I’m not even gonna talk about my trainer here. He’s a gem. Never ever in my life have I seen anyone train clients like how he does. Bless him. Seriously. Hat’s off to him. Nobody comes close to him. You’ll know why when you see how he trains clients.

Ok back to this TF woman! So much for International Women’s Day! Women should be bringing each other up.. Not make a mockery or make them feel like a freakshow. It’s been some time that I felt like this. I stepped out of my comfort zone.. And saw the real world. Please. I rather pay more for my FF membership and know that I can focus 100% on my workouts, free from judgemental trainers and causing me more stress.

I was so angry, but, I had to bite my tongue for some reasons. My plus size babes, I hear you! I finally know what you mean about judgemental people in the gym. Damn. I’ve been happily cocooned in my lalaland with FF for so long, that I got a rude awakening with what’s going on with this world.

My advice to bigger ladies who wanna change their lives but without the shitty people? Just put yourself in a positive environment that helps you grow! And stop thinking about the monthly membership fees and the $$$. The gains far outweighs the cost. Seriously!
Gosh I can’t imagine a life without fitness.. Don’t wanna think about hitting the 10th year member mark.. Hahaha! πŸ™‚

In all Diva-ness,

Maya Korrs


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