Month: April 2016

Dear Future Husband..

Dear Future Husband,


Please note that it would be my pleasure to cook meals with you, clean eating meals. Just do not expect me to cook and serve you all day long. I know that I am a woman, but the kitchen is one of my most hated places, only because growing up, as a girl, it has been inculcated that a girl’s place is in the house, especially the kitchen!! Ok I actually miss my daddy right now…!!😭


Please note that I will readily join in your family traditions of cooking and whatever nots because I would love to bond with your family members, cousins, sisters, aunts, mum, grandmama, etc. I look forward to that with all my heart!


However, my love, please do not expect me to cook and serve you 3 square meals a day. You would much rather marry a maid from a 3rd world country. I am not that kind of an Asian woman. I would love you to cook for me.. I love my man to cook for me 🙂


Allright. I need to sign off here and writea more detailled post elsewhere.


Your Gorgeous Future Wife,

Maya ❤️


Food.. I Can Finally Cook??

So you know how it goes.. I never cook.


#1 I first refused to learn cooking in my teens cos I kept being fed the information from family and relatives and general people of punjabi society that “ALL GOOD INDIAN GIRLS COOK FOR THEIR HUSBANDS”. I was a rebel. I didn’t want to cook and serve a man.

#2 I think me not learning how to cook from my mum is a blessing in disguise. She cooks well, I know, everyone says that, but seriously! I am just gonna get a heart attack if I had learnt her cooking style! I can’t be frying every single thing before cooking it!!! Yes… Oh My God. You do not know how many arguments I have gotten in with her just because of her cooking methods (FRYING IS HER BEST FRIEND) and her choice of ingredients (vegetable oils etc for DEEP FRYING!).

I have been on a “diet plan” and so have been eating clean for a whille. Unfortunately, I did not realise that cheese and sour cream actually negatively affected my PCOS until someone else on the plan told me to consider staying off it. For the record, I stopped the plan cos I gained 5kgs of fats on it, while people are losing that amount in just 1 month!! Only takeaway is eating fresh foods.. And me learning how to cook.

So I feel like putting some pics up, so hey! These are the foods I have prepared. Yes! By yours truly! 🙂
The food with cheese were while I was trying to eat on plan. The rest were my own creations.
If you want to see more of my cooking creations, follow me on Instagram @mayakorrs.. 



Sometimes, I wonder and ask myself, “Why can’t you just be that normal girl!? That girl that is accepted by society at large? That girl that is a ‘good girl’ who does everything expected of her. Why!!? Why Maya Korrs why!!?”… 

And then I remind myself why I changed my name. Why I decided to lose weight. Why I chose to defy traditions, customs and expectations of what a “good indian girl” should be. 

You fight so much to create this better life for yourself.. People didn’t appreciate you going to the gym, making a better life for yourself. Instead, you got called names, that you are a loose woman, going to the gym to meet men. Oh my.. 

Nobody knows how much I fought to change this life of mine. It just ain’t weight loss. I had to fight and say that I am going to the gym cos I don’t wanna stay cooped up at home. I had to fight and say NO! I don’t and won’t eat all that crap that is constantly being put in front of me. I had to fight to change my life.. Why!? Cos I know I did not want to be fat, frumpy and with nobody to love. Nobody wanted me. I was an outcast in my own society. People sneered at me. People said I was fat and nobody wants me. People said that nobody was gonna marry me. And when I lost weight and became hott as fuck, ok hott enough, damn, those same people came running and wanna date me and marry me and all that. Please. I am never going back to people who rejected me. I am worth more than that. I know my worth. That is why, I no longer date anyone from my society. Marriage is not even a question. Please. It is sad that I have to face being ‘cursed’ and emotional blackmail regarding marrying a punjabi from my own mother. Thankfully my dad is really cool and always pushes me to go ot there and see the world- to travel, have an international mindset, meet people, go out, see the world. And he is super supportive of me finding what I want in life and marrying the man of my dreams when my time is right. I love you daddy! 

Right now, I am desperately looking for a job, trying to get money to be independent again.. And I gym to keep myself sane, and trying to lose weight during this period… 

I try soooo hard.. Up til today, I have not given up on myself. There must be a cure, a fix, a solution to this weight loss thing. There must be. This darn PCOS makes life 1 million times harder, but let’s try and work with it. I am sure there is a way to tackle the weight loss with this. I’m on a mission, and I am my own guinea pig. I have been trying so many things amd have failed miserably so many times.. But at least I can walk away knowing what doesn’t work for me. 

I know this is off topic. But I guess it does relate to why I strive so hard to work on my body despite dismal results. This is my public face. I have another blog, but that’s a secret cos everything else that goes on in my life goes there… Cos I don’t think the world is ready to face the harsh realities of what I am facing and sharing.. 

Always fighting on…

Maya Korrs