Food.. I Can Finally Cook??

So you know how it goes.. I never cook.


#1 I first refused to learn cooking in my teens cos I kept being fed the information from family and relatives and general people of punjabi society that “ALL GOOD INDIAN GIRLS COOK FOR THEIR HUSBANDS”. I was a rebel. I didn’t want to cook and serve a man.

#2 I think me not learning how to cook from my mum is a blessing in disguise. She cooks well, I know, everyone says that, but seriously! I am just gonna get a heart attack if I had learnt her cooking style! I can’t be frying every single thing before cooking it!!! Yes… Oh My God. You do not know how many arguments I have gotten in with her just because of her cooking methods (FRYING IS HER BEST FRIEND) and her choice of ingredients (vegetable oils etc for DEEP FRYING!).

I have been on a “diet plan” and so have been eating clean for a whille. Unfortunately, I did not realise that cheese and sour cream actually negatively affected my PCOS until someone else on the plan told me to consider staying off it. For the record, I stopped the plan cos I gained 5kgs of fats on it, while people are losing that amount in just 1 month!! Only takeaway is eating fresh foods.. And me learning how to cook.

So I feel like putting some pics up, so hey! These are the foods I have prepared. Yes! By yours truly! 🙂
The food with cheese were while I was trying to eat on plan. The rest were my own creations.
If you want to see more of my cooking creations, follow me on Instagram @mayakorrs.. 



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