Dear Future Husband..

Dear Future Husband,


Please note that it would be my pleasure to cook meals with you, clean eating meals. Just do not expect me to cook and serve you all day long. I know that I am a woman, but the kitchen is one of my most hated places, only because growing up, as a girl, it has been inculcated that a girl’s place is in the house, especially the kitchen!! Ok I actually miss my daddy right now…!!😭


Please note that I will readily join in your family traditions of cooking and whatever nots because I would love to bond with your family members, cousins, sisters, aunts, mum, grandmama, etc. I look forward to that with all my heart!


However, my love, please do not expect me to cook and serve you 3 square meals a day. You would much rather marry a maid from a 3rd world country. I am not that kind of an Asian woman. I would love you to cook for me.. I love my man to cook for me 🙂


Allright. I need to sign off here and writea more detailled post elsewhere.


Your Gorgeous Future Wife,

Maya ❤️


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